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Diverting Medicaid Funds Provides Opportunity To Stay At Home

Pursuing Peace of Mind: Pros and Cons of Long-Term Care Insurance

Boomers who have helped a frail or sick parent search for a nursing home or hire a home care aide are learning hard lessons early: Long-term care is expensive—it can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year—and only those who are virtually impoverished qualify for government aid.

Looming Workforce Shortage Pressures Long Term Care Costs, According to Research by Genworth Financial

Long Term Care Costs Jump As Much As 25 Percent Since 2004

Not only has the cost of long term care in U.S. nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in the home increased for the fifth consecutive year, but the nation faces an impending shortage of direct-care workers, further driving up long term care costs. Those are two of the key conclusions drawn from cost of care research by Genworth Financial (NYSE:GNW).

A new way to pay for elder care

State to offer long-term care insurance policies

Oklahoma will roll out a new program this month designed to increase the number of Sooners who carry long-term care insurance.