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Approved Oklahoma Long-Term Care (OLTC) Partnership Program Highlights

Welcome to the Oklahoma Long-Term Care Partnership program. The information on this page is designed to highlight the differences between a typical long-term care policy and an Oklahoma Long-Term Care (OLTC) Partnership program policy.

Policies may differ between companies and coverage, but only the OLTC Partnership offers consumers protection that may disregard assets if they apply for SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid). If a consumer purchases a $100,000 OLTC program policy and has exhausted benefits for that same amount, then those assets are disregarded.

All partnership policies are tax-qualified plans under a new federal law which may benefit the consumer. They should be encouraged to review the added benefits with a long-term care professional. This may include representatives from a variety of specialties who can assist them in evaluating the assets they want protected.

Depending upon the policy, consumers may be able to exchange a typical long-term care policy for an OLTC policy.